Description of Service

Pride Advisor

Currently (2021-2022 school year) serving as the staff advisor for PRIDE at Trinity University. This organization acts as both support and education for and from LGBT+ members of the Trinity community. As advisor, I act as a resource for the students and assist the officers with event planning and organization.

Ed Research Tech Committee

As the school’s academic technologist, I sit on the ERTC. We meet two or three times per semester and discuss strategic planning for technology resources at Trinity.


(2017-2019) Mentored Black graduate students through a departmental mentorship program. Mentored Black undergraduate students through the Black Graduate Student Union/Black Student Union partnership. Mentored students in the McNair Scholars program.

ISUComm 150 Development

(2018-2019) Reviewed and revised English 150 assignments. Revised prompts for equity and inclusion, including adding prompts that allowed students to explore resources at ISU.

Preparing Future Faculty

Consulted on revisions for diversity statement writing workshop. Offered suggestions on how to revise prompts for more action-based diversity statements.

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