ISU Teaching Portfolio

These are the courses and projects I took on at Iowa State University as a graduate student. I was instructor of record for each of these classes.

Engl 150 –
Curriculum Redesign

Redesigned the composition 1 assignments with a focus on inclusion, representation and accessibility. This included a complete redesign of the first assignment, and an extension of four other assignments. Please see the assignment sections below.

Memory & Place (designed full assignment)
Sharing Experiences (added accessibility prompts)
Exploring a Campus Program (added diversity programs and resources)
Understanding Place (added diversity centers)
Designing & Analyzing Visuals (added infographic option)

Engl 250 –
Eidolon Station

Eidolon Station Intro

Developed a gamified composition 2 course. Students engaged in team missions during class, as well as individual quests. This was a hands-on, project-based game course.

Engl 320 –
Business Communication

This was a gamified business communication course in which students developed, and ran the communication for, their own mock businesses. Beyond the general coursework, students also engaged in three simulation days – crisis communication, marketing presentation, and an expansion presentation. Students had to juggle traditional communication, speech communication, and social media communication as they responded to a tailored crisis. For both presentation days, students presented to their peers in the other mock businesses, as well as to stakeholders (visiting faculty).

Engl 275 –
Analysis of Pop Culture Texts

Developed a game unit for the course. The unit culminated in a game jam. Students all developed narrative-based games in Twine (and other gaming engines) over the span of an hour and twenty minutes. They also played and reflected on each others games and the game design process.

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