Trinity Teaching

These are the courses and independent studies I run at Trinity.

COMM 3327: Topics in Black Media Studies

I created this course in fall of 2020, and ran it for the first time spring 2021. The goal of the course was to give students space to engage critically with Black culture. We used multiple frameworks to look at Black pop culture, including Black history, Black cultural mythology, and Black rhetoric. This course counts towards students Understanding Diversity credit, as well as an elective in the African American Studies minor.

ENGL 2373 – African American Literature

This course is a survey offering within the English department. It also counts toward the students’ Understanding Diversity requirement and the Af-Am Studies minor. I am currently redesigning the course around certain themes that will allow us to look at a wide range of Black writing from different time periods. The final unit will be a genre focus, specifically Black YA this spring.

GNED 1400 – Intro to Digital Research & Storytelling

GNED 1400 Trailer

I developed this course over the 20-21 school year, and am currently teaching it. The goal of this course is to give first and second year students a solid foundation in different aspects of digital literacy, including basics of HTML, digital problem-solving, online research, and comfort with various technology. This course asks students to complete research, and showcase it using various media tools.

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